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Investigate and solve the terrifying mystery that has come to your home. With the nightmare fuel materials and hidden clues, you must use your ingenuity and overcome your fears to reveal the truth. You won't forget the creepy videos, disturbing images, and special materials like the unstable ink.

Key Enigma presents a terrifying new Escape Game in which you must survive the creatures of darkness. Does span. "The Butterfly Curse" sound familiar to you? It is said that it jumps from victim to victim and if it lands on you, you will die in a few hours. Confronting this terrifying experience will be the only way to break the curse. Do you dare?
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The Experience

Key Enigma mixes narrative, interactive means and game mechanics to immerse yourself in a story. Imagine escaping from a pirate ship, unraveling mysterious organizations, solving murder mysteries, and defusing time bombs all from your own living room. Work with your friends and family to crack codes, solve riddles, and discover hidden items all while in a beautifully crafted story package delivered to you.


We combine conventional storytelling with tools that you use daily such as email, social networks, phone calls, chat, etc ... Turning everyday interactions into game mechanics.


This is an immersive and intricate adventure, you'll have to dive into the vast digital and physical world, blurring the line between reality and the game.


Find the clues, crack the codes, solve the mysteries hidden in the real world. From strange videos to real email interactions, everything could be a puzzle to solve and unlock the narrative.

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About us

We were inspired by Orson Welles and the radio broadcast of "War Of The Worlds". Orson Welles understood how to use the radio to carry out an entertainment experience very different from what people were used to. We want to deliver a similar experience using the multiple communication options we have available. We are a group of AAA players in the fields of graphic design, storytelling, game design, IT. With the experience of the former CEO and Co-founder of .


Our mission is to create adventures delivered by mail packages in the form of interactive puzzles along with exciting narratives using a wide variety of platforms and other ways to interact with the user. Key Enigma mixes narrative, interactive means and game mechanics to immerse yourself in a story blurring the lines between fiction and reality.

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